The representative of Stellar construction LLC took part in the largest technical conference and exhibition for nitrogen industry market participants «Nitrogen + Syngas 2019» in Berlin, Germany.

2019 march 18

On March 4-7, 2019 the representative of Stellar construction LLC took part in one of the most authoritative world conferences in the sphere of nitrogen fertilizers and synthesis gas production "Nitrogen + Syngas 2019", held in Berlin (Germany). In total, the conference in Berlin was attended by more than 800 participants from almost 200 companies from around the world.

Most of the presentations and reports at the Congress sessions were devoted to the production of ammonia, methanol, nitric acid and urea. Stellar construction LLC was most interested in presentations on new energy-efficient methanol plants, ammonia units operating with the use of renewable energy sources, increasing the energy efficiency of urea plants. Increased attention was drawn to reports of companies "Saipem", "Casale", "Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions" on current trends in the development of the nitrogen fertilizer industry.

The conference "Nitrogen+Syngas" has always been one of the key platforms for negotiations with both Russian and world leading technology licensors, as well as manufacturers of urea, ammonia, ammonium nitrate and nitric acid. During the conference it was possible to discuss the main issues on existing projects and outline plans for further cooperation with domestic and foreign companies.